In this video, I'm going to talk about five reasons that I find most marketing funnels suck and don't convert.


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Cliff Notes:

* Your initial optin is too complex
    * Trying to give too much away
    * Offering too much to do 
    * Solve something in 15 minutes
    * Templates work better than “the entire book”
* Favouring "design" over simplicity
    * Beautiful pages, stunning images, lots of clever text
    * 2 lines
        * Headline
        * Call to action
    * Remove remove remove
    * Cut in half and half again
    * My template that I use over and over (40-60%)
* Not rewarding motivated buyers
    * If someone takes action, there’s a small chance they’ll take another action
    * Funnels are upsell machines
    * Yes 99% won’t but that 1% that do are where you make bank
    * Biggest sin - optin pages or lead magnets with no thank you page and offer
    * Offer a product to help further!
* The offer is too weak or complex
    * You can only sell what people want
    * Stop thinking your product is “sooooo good”
    * What is the absolute fundamental core kernel of what you’re selling
    * If you can’t sum it up in a title, it will not sell
    * Sell the problem that you solve
    * Would this person have an epiphany if they saw this title?
* You're focusing on the wrong metric
    * Story about generating leads
    * Complained about no sales
    * All our funnels were focused on leads
    * Therefor sales and conversions dropped off
    * I never decided what “good” for leads was
    * So I was always chasing more

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