In this podcast episode we're going to talk about your core function. What is the one thing that your business does with excellence AND that is probably responsible for your success.

  • what’s the core function of your business?
  • Queen Bee Role with Mike Michalowicz and Clockwork
  • What would you hinge your success on?
  • You don’t have Google money
    • You need to focus on something which you’ll deliver with excellence
    • You can diversify later
    • Diversification is a myth and is expensive
  • I was asked “how did I make my business successful?”
    • Lol because I’m such a massive success
  • It’s actually not a question of success, it’s a question of “what do I focus on?”
  • People get overwhelmed with running a business because it’s overwhelming
  • Everyone has advice on what to focus on
  • Listen to me and I’ll tell you to focus on sales
    • Amazingly, that’s not always true
  • If you had to do ONE activity in your business and do it SO WELL that it would cause all other activities and tasks to be irrelevant or easier, what would you do?
    • McDonalds is consistency, that’s their core role
    • Mike Michaelowicz is writing books
    • Mine is creating content
  • You need a core role in the business
    • As well as core question
    • And a core niche

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