In this episode, I'm going to talk you through how to sell your copywriting services to a customer that already has a website. So if you're looking to sell your copywriting services, or if you're looking to increase the number of clients that you can work with, I'm going to share with you my tactics on attracting clients.

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Cliff notes:
* Target people who could use your help
    * Selling services from scratch is about ground work
    * Do the research and make a list of businesses that you’d like to work with
    * Great sales come from stalking, not talking
* Make sure you have a niche
    * What’s the specific problem or result that you’re addressing?
    * Copywriting IS broad but you need to be specific
    * You gotta get small before you can get tall
    * What is the biggest impact that you could have
    * Being targeted makes cold outreach easier
* Have a process that you're selling
    * Don’t just offer “copy writing”
    * If you’re helping develop headlines that get more squeeze page conversions - offer exactly that
    * If you can have a process or a model, that helps too
        * 6A framework
        * PPM sales letter
    * Moving towards productised and standardised
* Cold outreach with value and something free
    * Don’t ask for a call or for a quick chat
    * Offer something so amazing that people want to get back to you
    * Make it a no brainer
    * Get them on the hook first
    * Offer a call/review later
* Offer a free piece of copy
    * Write their headlines and squeeze page for them
    * Write their sales page for them
    * Offer it to them 
        * Either in exchange for an email
    * Call to review the copy afterwards


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