In this episode, I want to talk to you about how to sell your copywriting services if you're an absolute beginner. When you start off selling copywriting services, you've probably come from maybe a technical background, or maybe you're starting up your business and you've had the idea to start selling copywriting and content creation. The problem then is, you know how to do the work, it's how do you attract the clients so you can do more of that work.


Lots of copywriters make the classic killer mistake of going to things like Upwork and Fiverr and putting their services on there. You can make that work but I don't recommend it to start with, because I think it's a method of scale rather than attracting cold leads and it's also only going to attract people who are looking for the cheapest option.


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Cliff Notes:
* Be very specific about what you offer
    * Copy can be very broad and people will ask you to do lots of things
    * You don’t sell copywriting - you sell what copywriting brings
    * It’s going to be tempting to chase other opportunities
    * Don’t. Focus on finding customers that need your services
* Focus on a type of copy that you'll create
    * Product launches
    * Email campaigns
    * Facebook ads creative
    * Squeeze pages
* Don't get flustered with objections
    * Why would I pay you?
    * We’ve hired copywriters before
    * How much for a sales letter!?
    * Do you have any credentials or testimonials?
    * You are going to hear all these and more
    * Take a breath, pause and reply - learn how to turn objections because they don’t go away
* Have a basic website with a consultation page
    * Make sure you can capture leads and sales without being there
    * Free 15 minute clarity session 
    * Paid 2 hour discovery workshop
    * Make it easy to pay you and assume that people want to give you money
* Spend more time on discovery and qualification
    * Do less copywriting and spend more time finding the right customer
    * I had a friend who charged £300 for her copy writing
        * Sales pages, websites, blogs etc.
    * She had roughly 10 customers in her first year 
    * I told her to charge £6000 for the next project
    * If she only did ONE sale for the year, it’d double her revenue and be less stressful
    * Charge for consulting and discovery
    * Qualify people out
    * It is hard work and requires a greater leap of faith
    * But it pays off in the long run

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