In this episode, I'm going to talk about how to hire a VA or a staff team member to deliver marketing funnel work for you to your customers.

If you're looking to start hiring a team or maybe you've hired in the past and it was an absolute disaster, I know how you feel.

I'm going to show you my process for hiring people to deliver marketing work to your customers so you're freed up to focus on sales and partnership building and kind of the strategic and bigger vision of the business while other people deliver the work to the customer.


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Cliff notes:
* Have a process
    * write out specifically the outcomes and results that you want them to achieve
    * if you don’t have a written document - then start creating one
    * Even better - get them to document what they’re doing
* Spend time to hire the right person
    * Hiring is like selling, you need a lot of leads to start with
    * Be clear about what you want to hire, the skills and values
    * I pay less attention to CV skills and more to how we’d work together
    * take your time and ask lots of questions
* Hire by the hour/day
    * You don’t need to go fulltime from day 1
    * List out the tasks you do need to get done
    * Hire from there and expand as you go
    * You’ll be surprised what people can achieve when they have the time and focus
* Lots and lots of training
    * Open comms about the work
    * What your expectations are
    * Lists of resources, ideas and your company's values
    * Your vision of the project (it’s not overkill) and the business
* Start small and work up
    * List out the basics and work from there
    * Start with admin, repeatable tasks and the simple ops
    * hosting set up, email, payments etc.

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