If you're looking to start selling copywriting services to your customers, or if you're starting out and you want to increase the number of clients that you're attracting, or maybe you've been going for a while now, and you just want to scale out the number of clients that you work with, in this episode, I'm going to share with you my super simple system for attracting clients to your marketing funnel business. It's a very high-level overview, but I think you're going to get a lot from this.


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● Premium WordPress hosting: http://shrsl.com/1giyd
● Page builder: https://www.wpbeaverbuilder.com/?fla=915
● Email marketing: http://bit.ly/2QpmZXs
● Proposal software (BetterProposals): http://bit.ly/2FQHiHc
● Free transcription (like this): https://otter.ai/referrals/2QGRUUSP

Cliff Notes:
* Are you ready to attract clients?
    * Do you have a booking system?
    * Can you capture lead details without being there?
    * Have a website with
        * Free training page
        * Free 15 minute consultation call
        * Paid discovery page
    * Remove CTA friction
* Create a free download or training page to capture leads
    * Phone number, email, name
    * Capture leads
    * Redirect to the immediate sales page for strategy call
* Facebook lead ads
    * Cold audience
    * Different interests
    * Offering the download/training
    * test, test, test
* Draw up a list of ideal clients
    * Who do YOU want to work with?
    * Have you...asked?
    * Have you asked your network?


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