In this episode, I'm going to go over in real-time how to find leads for your business and the exact process that you can follow along with.


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Cliff Notes:
* Choose a niche and define what we want as a lead
    * You need more contacts (name, email maybe phone number)
    * Indicators of interest i.e. what problem they want solving
    * within a specific niche
* Two types of lead gen - front load and scale or constant outreach
    * front load - squeeze page, ads, content.
    * Scalable but can take a while to really take off
    * constant outreach - dialling, emailing, networking and calling in favours
    * hard work, grind but faster results
* Research events, groups, forums, sites, channels and platforms
    * (
    * Facebook
    * LinkedIn
    * Network
    * Forums
    * Websites
    * YouTube
* Create a hit list
    * Who do you want to work with?
    * What do those companies look like and where do they hang out?
    * Who do they currently buy from?
    * What are their biggest problems
* don't sell strategy, sell a future
    * The complete formula for doubling sales conversion rates with your current website
    * How to add $100K to your sales in 3 months
    * Exactly how many times a week you should email your list
    * Stop selling online - it’s killing your business. Do this instead
    * The weird 6A framework for selling 5 figure projects to clients (even if you have zero experience)

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