In this week’s show we’re talking about how to measure the success of your business. Are you lead magnets really tempting people to sign up? Are your social posts driving the traffic you want? Are people buying enough of what you have to sell?

Metrics can seem stupidly confusing. Thanks to the wholly unnecessarily complex nature of Google Analytics, we all feel we should be measuring everything! Well that’s neither possible or true. So we’re gonna tell you what you should be looking at and some plain and simple benchmarks that will start to guarantee you success.

This week’s Content Report has one of the big ones - literally, with Awaken The Giant Within by the infamous Tony Robbins. One of the top names and books in self-improvement you can spend your hard earned dollars on. We then have a chat about a great article in Psychology Today - Why Do We Remember Things And Forget Others? A great introduction to how emotion affects our memories of things and how we can use emotion to better our customers’ experiences with us.

Let’s get to it!


No time for the whole show? No worries!

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