Swinging in a full 15 days late (but better than never as I’m constantly told), we bring you our, no wait, THE definitive guide to the trends you need to look out for in 2018 in the general online marketing, branding, entrepreneur and business space (yes, all of those!).


Forget about the past 14 days. They were nonsense. 2018 starts today!


We also dive into a classic in the Content Report this week with the epic DotComSecrets by Russell Brunson. An entire playbook for delivering great, automated content and value to your audience. We also break the trend a little this week and discuss a tool rather than a piece of content. I know, we’re pretty flexible like that. SmarterQueue is an amazing new social scheduling tool on the block that completely blows Buffer and Meet Edgar out the water.


We mention in the show that we’re in no way affiliated with the product, but after very careful consideration, now we are. And that’s for two reasons. The first is that we truly believe in it (and use it). The second is that by doing so we can offer you an incredibly sweet deal - a full free 30-day trial instead of the bog standard 2 weeks for any old whosit off the street! Don’t get on with it at the end, just stop using it. But we think you’re definitely gonna love the features and flexibility of it!


So give SmarterQueue a full 30-day trial and see how much it can help the social side of your business!  


With that said...


Let’s get to it!

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