In this episode, we tell you exactly how you can get more focus in your business (and life in general) and where you should be putting your energies to see the best rate of return. Stop wasting your time doing things half-assed, or doing things that don’t matter at all! Got a million different directions you’re being pulled in? Don’t fall victim to decision paralysis. Your business will never get anywhere if you spread your efforts to thinly across everything. Time to get a plan, get in control and get focused!

The Content Report follows the theme with the great Deep Work by Cal Newport. An amazing guide into fighting distraction and taking on something with 100% focus and conviction. We then move onto a shameless (but very relevant) plug for our own content - the Key Takeaway guides for the show. Don’t have time to listen to the entire show? Want a quick and easy recap of the key points we cover? We now have Key Takeaway guides for every episode with short, summarised bullet points of all the best bits. The only thing you’ll miss is our 'award-winning' humorous banter. Maybe not such a bad thing.

Oh, and you’ll also get some great templates in some of them to help you go through any processes we mention as and when. You lucky buggers.

Let’s get to it!

No time for the whole show? No worries!

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