In this episode, we get down and dirty into some of the psychology behind brand-building. The art of addiction! What does it mean to be addictive and what tricks can you use in your business to make your audience really crave what you’ve got. We outline 15 of the most surefire ways to build a loyal tribe of addicts (in a good way...without resorting to forced substance abuse!) that can’t help but read, share and buy your content, products and services.

The Content Report gets going with a look into a great website for design inspiration in FormFiftyFive. We also talk about 5000 Words Per Hour by Chris Fox. If that seems like a bold and lofty claim, give it a read (for free if you join his mailing list!) and start using the techniques he lays out in it yourself.

Let’s get to it!

No time for the whole show? No worries!

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