In this episode, we go through the 8 simple steps to creating a unique, engaging and powerful brand for your business - even if you’re starting from scratch! Most people think that choosing a few colours they like, randomly selecting a Google font from the millions out there, knocking up a logo in Paint and Shutter-stocking some images gets them a great brand. All of that will get you ‘a’ brand, but most likely not a GREAT brand. Everyone has a brand whether they've worked at it or not. Your brand is how your business is perceived by others. How it makes them think, feel and behave. Make sure you're in control of yours!

In the Content Report this week, it’s my turn to completely ignore the point of business advice and instead turning back to the extremely interesting and game-changing world of crypto-currencies with The Crypto Revolution by Sam Volkering. If you want to be part of the internet 2.0 - time to jump in now! We also talk about The Seventh Sense by Joshua Cooper Ramo. All about the power of networks - this goes hand-in-hand with the new developments in the Blockchain world.

Let's get to it!

No time for the whole show? No worries!

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