In this episode we're talking about creating the perfect market message.Β 

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Cliff notes:

  • Problem

    • generic is worse than no message
    • You’ll struggle to scale without a message
  • Myth
    • That your message needs to be world changing
  • Knife twist
    • Message, mission, goal, vision, values
  • Learning points
    • Combination of niche, your values, core function, core question
    • We want help you...
    • Blank your blank
    • Core function
    • Nike
      • To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. *If you have a body, you are an athlete.
      • Just do it
    • Microsoft
      • empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more
    • WebinarKit
      • Work less and earn more with
    • Inc examples
    • Funnel builder examples
      • Stop work at 3pm but keep selling 24/7
      • Spend less time editing videos and more time making them
      • 10X the number of people who want to buy from you

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Ep 111 Creating the perfect market message

Michael: Hey there funnel builders, Mike here from sell your service. Thank you so much for joining me on a, another podcast episode here on the sell your service podcast today, what I want to do is talk to you about creating the perfect market message. Now immediately you might have some reservations because the irony is that the wording around the concept of the market message.

[00:00:25] And also some of the examples that we see are so weak. But what we're really talking about here is giving your business the opportunity to scale. When we talk about market message, I believe the reason, a lot of funnel builders and funnel agencies and marketing agencies and marketers in general, I believe the reason they struggle to grow and scale.

[00:00:49] And if you're the owner, if you're the entrepreneur, I believe the reason that you are working. 1214, 16 hour days is because your market messages is weak, frankly. That's not to say that you're not good at what you do. That's not to say that you don't have talent or that you don't care about your market.

[00:01:11] It's not to say that you've reached a certain level of success. Now, I know businesses who are doing, seven figures, but the plateau comes typically. Because there's a lack of very clear and specific market message and that changes as well. It's important to understand over time it changes.

[00:01:32] I listened to a podcast today on Freakonomics. The founder of, whole foods was on there. Is that John Mackey, I think, And it was interesting because he said that, they started up with the idea of, selling food without preservatives and no meat, I think. And you those of you who know what whole foods are, even if you just have never heard of them, you can understand what whole foods is a business does.

[00:01:57]just from their name, it's free of fats and colors and flavors and preservatives and stuff. organic food. We would call it here in the UK. And he said that when they got bought out by Amazon, they actually had to revisit their message and their mission and their statement and all this kind of stuff, because it allows you to get to that next level.

[00:02:19] And the reason that so many businesses struggle and this includes marketing businesses. The reason they struggled to scale is because they don't have a market message. They think that by working harder, by attracting more customers, by doing more and offering more and being in more places and, going to more networking events that is scale.

[00:02:47] And it's not, those are certainly the activities that you would associate with scale. But all you're doing is adding more noise. You don't scale businesses, you scale ideas, and it's critical that your business has something even just a singular idea, which is essentially the market message that you go to the market with.

[00:03:06] And you say, this is what we're here to do. We understand the other marketing agencies might help with ads or email copywriting or entire websites or enterprise level marketing campaigns. But we do this instead, or we believe this one area, this one statement, I see a lot of businesses go down the generic route, and we're going to look at some examples of generic.

[00:03:29] Market messages. We're also going to talk a little bit about what's the difference between a mission and a message and a goal and vision and values in this stuff. And my advice is don't overcomplicate it, people call different things all the time. only recently we've, got clear on our.

[00:03:45] Mission and our vision, and then I'll talk to somebody else and they'll say, actually I think you'll find that what you've got is your mission as your vision and your vision measurement. I'm like, don't, it's, Symantec's, don't worry about it. if you understand the purpose of what it does within your business, that's really all that matters, but your message is the thing that you believe in and the thing that you want to do more of, and really it's the only thing that matters.

[00:04:09] And we'll have a look at some of that. Generic is worse than no mission. If you have. Sorry. No message. I'm doing already. Generic is worse than no message. What generic shows. Is that you haven't thought enough about it in order to differentiate yourself and the classic mistake, a lot of people do is they try to, over-complicate a very simple idea by adding in ludicrous, synonyms and, phrases to try and make it sound more complex.

[00:04:45] Like a really good example of this is, Statements like our sales enablement system creates an integrated framework for profitable customer interactions. It's come on, man. That doesn't mean anything it's over complicated for the sake of being over complicated. What you're really saying there is we help the sales team close more deals quickly.

[00:05:06] I think a lot of businesses and marketing agencies may fall into this trap a lot is they think, but the customer won't be impressed unless it sounds complex. All too often. I remember having a real, problem with this, a real chip on my shoulders. I would say to people, all, I build marketing funnels and after a while, they were taught to me and they go, Oh, so really you build websites, you just build websites.

[00:05:30] And I used to get really annoyed with that and be like, no, I don't. I'm bigger than that. I'm better than that. But realistically have opposed it down. I could have said, yeah, pretty much we build websites and now I've embraced that and you'll find that a lot of businesses. Who embrace the idea that what they do ease very simple.

[00:05:48] Is it more powerful than having obscure technical jargon, showing off the complexities of your language? Doesn't make it more likely that someone will buy from you. It's a really common mistake and I see that a lot. Adding words for the sake of filling a word count, but it ends up becoming generic and that's probably worse.

[00:06:12] What we know it's worse than having no message being generic or being difficult to understand is very damaging to your business. And you're better off having no message and in thinking about it, and then, coming to the market later with something that is specific and perhaps even unique to you and to your customers rather than thinking, let's be generic and let's try to over-complicate things. And the funny thing about over-complicating stuff is that it ends up becoming more generic when you learn how to cook, when they take you to culinary school. One of the core concepts that you are taught repeatedly is the more flavors she would add to a dish.

[00:06:56] The less flavors that there are on the dish, the more you add to the meal, that there's less, that someone can actually take away. If, for example, you did a, one of my favorite desserts in the world to make is lemon. Posset, it's halfway between a cold creme Berlanti yogurt. Absolutely love them.

[00:07:15] Very easy to make they taste fantastic, but loads of depth to them, lemon is obviously the key flavor and I would find other ways to put lemon in there. So we would have a shortbread biscuit base and we would have lemon rind in there. And maybe something like, I don't know, a tweel of Creme fresh or something or maybe an ice cream.

[00:07:32] But if I said, Oh, it's lemon and we've also got a strawberry component as well, and the creme fresh, and we also have a chocolate glaze with it, and a mint, a compliment it's just way too much going on. And. The old saying is a masterpiece is not achieved, but when you can stop adding things, Massachus, masterpieces achieved.

[00:07:53] When you can't take anything more away. If you continually reduce something down to its core components and the core idea, that's what people will walk away with. We'll talk about some examples to help you with this, but I need it really clear that. You are better off taking longer to think about what your overall messages and the message is that the thing that your business does, right?

[00:08:16] It's a blend of your mission and your core function, your questions, your niche, and your value and your goal and all this kind of stuff. But really it's what you want to go to market and become known for. every film has a message. It's like the underlying kind of moral takeaway. What's the moral of the story.

[00:08:35] Every book has an underlying message or moral tone to it. And we do all of this stuff. We have the film, we have the album. People still make albums. Now, I don't know. I miss the days when you would listen to a full album rather than playlist after playlist, but your albums had a message and films had messages when they still do to some extent.

[00:08:58] And they're pretty core concepts. You are good. We'll always try and over evil. Or if the film is cynical, the film might be, bad guys get away with it. th one of the most recent examples of a really clear message. Is the film get out by Jordan Peele. It's a kind of psychological horror film.

[00:09:16] I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it a highly recommend seeing it. It's not, there's some best, there's some light Gore in it later on, but it is there's no, it's not soar S Cora, but the overall market, the overall message of the film is if race plays a role within the world, How to white people interact with black people and how to black people in trout for white people.

[00:09:38]there's a lot of things you can take away, but overall, the message is this uncomfortable tension around race. If they then added in parts around Oh, he's also a bit of a superhero and he's got these mystical talents and he's cheating on his wife and it becomes too there's too many messages.

[00:09:53] That's when the overall message gets lost. And you'll see a lot of the time films that don't review particularly well it's because their overall message isn't particularly clear. One of the complaints turning into a film podcasts. Now, one of the complaints about the latest star Wars films, and frankly, the pre-calls personally, I don't a hundred percent agree with this, but is that their message becomes very mixed from film to film the message changes each time.

[00:10:22] It starts off as a, the original three are very much, good versus evil. do you follow in like the path that is laid out for you in terms of destiny, or do you try and carve your own path? And that's really the core kind of messages behind it. And that sort of obviously the message behind a lot of films later on, they get a bit muddled.

[00:10:40] One of the other great trilogies of recent years would be the dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. Each film had a very. Core message. The first form was all about fear. Everything was about fear. And if it wasn't about fear, it was stripped away. The second is about chaos and everything else is stripped away from that.

[00:10:57] The third film was about pain and interestingly the third one didn't review as well, because I think they try to add too much into that message. So we're trying to boil it down to this almost. Moral. And that might be a bit strong, a drive in this moral reasoning behind why any of your content exists or any of your, or even your entire business and your staff and your team and your products and your services.

[00:11:20] There is a myth or a misconception that your myth, that your message needs to be world changing. Some people have got, I want to completely change the way that the account he runs and I want to bring in universal basic income. Andrew Yang, maybe previous presidential. I don't think he ever got to candidate status.

[00:11:41] I think he just was like entered in. I don't really know enough about us politics, but that was his kind of thing. then you've got guys like Elon Musk who are like, Oh, we need to get men to the, to Mars and stuff. Like these huge world changing messages. Don't worry about them. All right. If you do have one, that's huge.

[00:12:00] Brilliant. That's fantastic. You don't have to have a massive world changing message. You can believe something that's relatively low key, relatively small in scale, more easily achievable. For example, we help your sales team close more deals quickly. I would say there's a pretty solid message. I like that you could do that with everything from email marketing to sales training, and that's the point, right?

[00:12:27] Is that the message can actually be achieved in a multitude of ways, but that wouldn't necessarily be well changing. That's not to say, Oh, I want, I believe that every single person in the world should be able to close and pitcher a six figure deal. At some point in their life, or everyone in the world should be able to run a marathon.

[00:12:45] The problem with the world changing ones is again, they can become a bit generic. The irony is they become a little bit generic, but also making the assumption that everyone wants to follow in your messages, dumb. You actually want to create a message that does exclude people where we're going to become.

[00:13:06] As time goes on more and more marketing. In fact, more and more culture is going to be based around exclusion as much as it is inclusion. And we need to embrace that because you are not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Previously, there were only, and I'm talking like 50 years ago, two or three, maybe five really big sales organizations that taught sales.

[00:13:29]and now there's like billions of them. And they have to become more and more specific in what it is that they do. It doesn't have to be well changing. It doesn't have to be some like huge grandiose event. It can be something specific and meaningful to you that makes a difference in like a handful of people's lives.

[00:13:47] The reality is even if you affected. A billion people. That's still only one out of seven people, right? The percentages are insane for world changing stuff. And I believe you're probably better off focusing on something that's core to you and is important and close to you. And the funny thing is that you'll actually probably end up changing more people's lives by doing that, by trying to have too wide a message, they tend to become watered down.

[00:14:15] And we'll talk about that in a little bit. With an example. So yeah, D doesn't need to be well changing final point before we get into this message, mission, goal, vision, your values, all of this all becomes a little bit mixed up. if you want my overall idea, the message is why your business exists.

[00:14:36]we want to help sales team sales teams close more deals quickly. Awesome. That's great. that's the overall message, right? that's the reason the business exists and the reason we get out of bed, right? The mission would be something perhaps a little bit more specific. Like I want to help a thousand businesses close a deal in 90 days or something.

[00:14:54] I don't know something measurable, like the goal that you're going after. we want to help more sales team close more deals quickly. Great. Let's make it a bit more concrete. Already people are listening to this going, no, that's your vision or no, that should go or no, that is the message. Don't overthink it.

[00:15:12]He's a way of working backwards. If you've got a vision and a vision to me is what do I want the future of the business to look like? I want to have five offices. I want to have a hundred members of staff, five best-selling books. I want to have courses and software, and I want to generate a million dollars in revenue.

[00:15:28] It's like, where am I taking the business in the future? That's to me

[00:15:34] message is ultimately what are you known for? if, when people call that like a brand, what's the thing that everyone overly quotes, in my opinion, the, a brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room. I think Jeff Bezos says that, And people overuse that. And then the funny thing is they then go away and try to either control that or, manipulate it or they become generic again.

[00:16:04] If you pick something that is close to you, I'm going to give you a ton of examples and you'll understand it a bit more afterwards and you think that's what I want people to do. That's what I want to help more people do. Don't worry too much right now about your mission and your core function, your core questions.

[00:16:20] Cause I've talked about those in previous podcast episodes. This is really what if you had to put a million dollars behind your business, what would you become known for? People say, Oh, we want to become known for building great marketing funnels. Great. It's probably not solid though. Is it because realistically, who cares about that?

[00:16:38] If however you said, we became known for helping launch a thousand businesses online, that's very different. we help your business, transition from offline to online sales. It doesn't have to be complex. It doesn't have to be clever or overly wordy. If anything, familiar, language, more informal language, simple language, language from the customer's viewpoint, and specific.

[00:17:06] They're not like multi sentences. They just one or two was there just one sentence. Okay. That's the message. So let's start off. We're going to look at what your message is made up of. It's going to be a combination of a lot of things. The basic framework is we want to help you. And blank. You're blank.

[00:17:27] There's a little, but bit around your core function. I'm going to go into some examples, as well as, some kind of, fake examples, we're going to look at some real businesses and then some fake examples. And then I'm going to end up with some actual funnel builder examples that you could take away and use and restructure your message is a combination of your niche, your values, the core function.

[00:17:47] The core question that you're asking. the, our mission that sell your service is to help a thousand funnel builders sell a marketing funnel for 25 grand. So realistically, the messages I want to help you sell more marketing files, that's it that's as complex as it gets. The message is I want to help you sell more marketing funnels.

[00:18:09] That's about it. Yep. There's parts where we talk about like discovering a niche and raising your prices and closing deals. But realistically, So it was a battery falling over there. Realistically, the message when everything is boiled down is help you sell marketing funnels. That's it? that's all we're trying to do here.

[00:18:32] And that is a combination of the niche being funnel builders and sales training, not helping you build funnels, but sell funnels. The core function is, Ultimately, what do we do every single day? What do we want to be known for? Is sales and creating content around sales? The core question is how do I sell a marketing funnel for 25 grand?

[00:18:51] That's what most people ask me the values, it might be that I believe, it takes, you have to have the courage to be disliked. That's like really important to us and to me and to the business. So there's a little bit of that in there as well. It's a combination of those things. So if you have no idea what your messages I would first ask you will, do you know what your core function is?

[00:19:16] Your core question, your core niche and your values, and that previously I know I've said Oh, there's so many ways of dividing this up and everyone's right. What it really boils down to is do you know who you're trying to work with? Do you know what their biggest problem is? Do you know how you're going to do it?

[00:19:32]that's what all of this really boils down to your, who is your niche? Your core function is how you're going to do it. And the question is like, what are they asking? What's the problem that you're solving. And if you don't have that, it's going to be difficult to come up with a message, because that's the thing that you're going to scale.

[00:19:50] Those things are quite internal. They're things that you're focusing on the messages, what you want to push out. If I created, and I've made this mistake, how I've made this mistake this year, if I created a content or piece of content on here's, how to build your own PC, does that, is that part of my message?

[00:20:08] Is that part of the thing that's going out there, if I've spent time and energy and effort on creating that piece of content, does that promote that message? again, don't, over-complicate this. If you've got communities out there who believe that, gay, lesbian, transgender people deserve as much, equality and, equal treatment, then the messages we believe the LBG que plus communities deserve equal treatment.

[00:20:41] That's the message. What do you believe? I believe that funnel builders should be able to sell something for, or at least sell more marketing funnels. I believe that's the point. If you can build marketing funnels, you deserve to be able to sell as many as you want. That's as complex as it gets, but it's because I've understood my core function.

[00:20:58] So what I do, which in this case is creating content. The core question, which is how do I sell a marketing funnel for 25 grand and the niche, which is funnel builders, but specifically sales training for funnel builders. So have a think about those areas. First, your niche, your values, your core function, your core question.

[00:21:16] Maybe you want to have part of your mission in there. Maybe it's a simplified version of your mission. Maybe it's part of your vision or your goal or whatever it is that you want to take away from that. Like I said, I've got podcast episodes only a few weeks back talking about your core mission, your core niche.

[00:21:33] Sorry, your core function, core question. Ultimately, who do you work with? What's their biggest problem? What question are you going to work on and how are you going to fix it? And then we've got this two part template. A lot of people make the mistake of making the message about them. We build awesome marketing funnels, Billy, for you.

[00:21:52] No one cares. The most important radio station to tune into, or that people listen to is Wii FM what's in it for me, what's in it for me. W I F M any customer or person who reads your message. I think a lot of people make the mistake that people need to, like your message. And that's not what you actually, the case.

[00:22:19] The point of your message is to polarize anyone that listens to it. If someone reads that and goes, ah, and your let's say your message is something like, let's take one of these recent ones. no surprises ever. Let's say you're an insurance company, right? No surprises ever an insurance company.

[00:22:35] Who's main messages, no surprises ever. Okay. That's smart. It's simple. It's easy to understand your audience. Are going to either love that or hate it. And it sounds dumb, but I can assure you that there are as many people who will listen to that and go, that's a dumb kind of flag for them to plant a dumb Hill for them to die on.

[00:22:58] That's a dumb stance, and they're not going to want to work with you, but a lot of people are going to want to work with you or at least understand it. The point of the message is not to focus on what you do is to focus on what your customer wants. If your customers are sick and tired of dealing with marketing agencies have, I dunno, huge upfront costs and can never get in contact with their market.

[00:23:23] That's a classic problem, right? Is you hire a marketing agency and then they end up going under that's it's like a trope almost it happens. so frequently. so maybe your messages, you can contact us 24 hours a day. You can contact someone 24 hours a day. Marketing where someone you can get in contact with us 24 hours a day, and you have to work on it a little bit, but let's say your core function is great client communication.

[00:23:49] The question is how do I hire a reliable marketing agency? Let's say the niche is people who have already hired a marketing agency and just lost. If you want to say your messages, we're a great marketing agency and we make a ton of money and we're not going anywhere. That's not the message because your customer doesn't care about that.

[00:24:08] If you say we'll never leave you and you can get in contact with us in 24 hours, not even that we're a marketing agency and you can get in contact with us 24 hours a day, 24 hour day client communication. Personally, I'd rather shoot myself in the head and do that, but maybe that's your thing. Maybe that's the thing you love.

[00:24:26] That's focused from the standpoint of the customer. So it's, we want to help you. That's the first part. It has to be focused around the customer. And then the second part is blank. Your blank. reduce your sales time, improve your, like what is essentially your level of confidence or trust, it's that client communication aspect.

[00:24:45]It's not always blank your blank, but it's essentially changed something about your current situation is fix your problem. Get your result, achieve your dream. We want to help you spend less time on the phone and more time creating. We want to help you spend less time driving to client meetings and more time selling.

[00:25:09] We want to help you spend less time selling and more time having fun. You have to focus it from the concept to the customer and it has to be built around something that they care about. Your customer does not care. One iota about your business. You think they do. And until you've developed a long-term relationship with them, they won't though afterwards.

[00:25:31] Sure. A little bit people do a lot of customers and clients do build a really strong relationship together, but like stream yard are you stream yard a lot? Their whole thing is create video online, easier, spend less time setting it up and more time doing it. Great. I don't care how they do it. I don't care about their protocols.

[00:25:50] I don't care about their API APIs. I don't care about any of that. What I care about is spend less time faffing around, trying to sort out how to get online with your videos and spend, sorry. I spend less time doing that and spend more time actually creating video content. Massive. So easy for me.

[00:26:09] Descript, which I think I've talked about recently, a lot of videos just seems to be this magic video and podcast editing app. It's spend less time editing and more time publishing or spend more time creating. That's what you want to do. We want to help you, the customer blank, your blank, achieve your results.

[00:26:29] Fix your problems, reach your goals. And we'll talk about that later. So I want to talk about some big examples here. So Nike might've heard of them sports company. I think technically they're a, like a real estate company. Like McDonald's, they're actually a real estate company, but anyway, their mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

[00:26:57] And if you have a body, you are an athlete. Okay. So their mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world, through the creation of more products and training programs and apps and software research, clothing, all of this to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete.

[00:27:16] If you have a body, you have, you are an athlete. So they believe that everyone who has a body is an athlete. And they're going to bring innovation and inspiration to you. That's their mission. It's not necessarily their message, their message because they've distilled it down into a slogan, which is so powerful that it set itself has become parodied and redone and reused is just do it.

[00:27:38] That's their message. Their mission is to bring innovation and inspiration. All right. that's a bigger picture. It's a longer term play for them, but all of their content, all of their clothing, their design, their attitude, I suppose you might say the underlying moral cause if Nike was a film, the message you'd walk away from w walk away with is yeah, just do it.

[00:28:04] I should just do it. If Nike had a film and they do have films, like a lot of companies there they're a media company as well. And they have films about, I think breaking too, with ULA capture gay, running a sub two hour marathon, which by the way, it's just bananas that a human being can do that.

[00:28:22] They'll create everything and position it around the idea of just do it. Their messages not prepare yourself as much as possible. Now they might believe that. And selling clothes to you that allows you to run faster or whatever. Yeah. Is part of that preparation. But their actual underlying core message that they tell everyone is just do it.

[00:28:48] And yet we now go, that's just their slogan. True. But it was actually their message first. It was their purpose. It was the underlying moral story underneath the larger movie. Their mission yet is to bring innovation and inspiration or inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. Great.

[00:29:09] And if you have a body, you're an athlete. Great. But their underlying core message is just do it. If I produce something and I work at Nike, if I produce something, is this in alignment with just do it, or is it saying, just think about it. Take some time, make the right decision. Not just do it. Go for it.

[00:29:31] Let's look at another one. Microsoft are a funny one because they've gone through so many transitions and it's a really good example of a business that plateaus and grows and then plateaus and grows and shrinks and whatever overall. According to their statements, their message, and is part of their mission.

[00:29:49] Originally years ago, it was a computer in every home. That was their thing. That was their mission. But their actual underlying message is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. They understand that Microsoft is a productivity company. That's what Microsoft is productivity.

[00:30:07] And after they show you the movie. You walk away with the underlying message that they want to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Now I've subsequently by Googled this, and this is actually part of their mission as well. In fact, I think is their mission.

[00:30:26] It changed recently. I want to say maybe like 2016, 2017, but their message ultimately is achieve more. Is PR. Be more productive. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do. We want to help you be more productive. That's actually the message that you're walking away with. Now. I hate it when people use massive businesses like that and they go, Oh, this is Coca-Cola's message.

[00:30:51] And this is Pepsi's messages. And this is Tesla's message. And everyone loves Apple. Everyone loves Apple or whatever. So I've decided to go with a much smaller business webinar kit. Who by the time this comes out, I would have just interviewed Stefan, who was the founder of, I really like webinar kit. I like what they're doing.

[00:31:13]I've got a lot of, for what they've done with the webinar platform, their message front and center on their website, work less and earn more. That's it with webinars Q you know, we want to help you work less and earn more blank. Your blank. Work less and earn more, spend less time trying to make more money.

[00:31:39] And then they say, yeah, create automated webinars, get more sales, a beautiful modern webinar platform. Fine. Great. Their message though is work less and earn more. So their tool, their platform has to enable you to do that. That communication should be enabling you to do that. Their content should be enabling you to do that.

[00:31:58] If you consumed every single piece of content and information out there in the world on webinar kit, you should walk away with the idea that it's about working less than earning more.

[00:32:13] Now some of these are slogans and you might listen to that and think, that seems Generic, and this is where it becomes important. This is where your specificity around your niche, your market, your tools, your platforms, your process. Ultimately it's actually work less and earn more with webinars.

[00:32:29] I use this tool to work less and earn more. Just do it is more around sport. My advice again is don't overthink it. If you think that someone else has a relatively similar message. Great. If anything, that's good because you'll have someone else to bounce ideas off. If you, and I'll go into some funnel, builder examples, if you come away with something and think ultimately what I want people to do is walk away and say, yeah, I can finish work at 3:00 PM and still have a really successful business.

[00:33:01] I can work four days a week and have a successful business. I don't need to spend as much time selling. I can actually spend more time doing something else or someone else can do the selling. So those are some examples. There's a article on inc, which I will link down below in the show notes. I think I Googled something like a market.

[00:33:26] Marketing message. The title is the seven components of a brilliant marketing message. And then it says the core of your marketing strategy is a message that expresses the essence of why a customer buys. Why do you exist? Why you here? What's the point yet you have missions and visions and goals and values and core functions and niches, but ultimately, why would someone buy from you?

[00:33:52] And they've got seven examples. I really like these examples. I want to go through them. Like I said, this by a guy called Jeffrey James Jeffrey. Fantastic article. I know you're listening. Number one, they get to the point, the example in today's highly competitive business world. Every company needs our software to run their manufacturing more efficiently.

[00:34:11] That's not to the point it's meandering. It's taken a while to get there. As I mentioned, it begins to fall into that category of generic and over wordy by trying to add things instead, our software, Harv's your manufacturing time, right? So blank your blank, having your manufacturing time, solving your problem, fixing your problem.

[00:34:34] Achieving your goal, having your manufacturing time with our software. That's a great core message. So that means that anything from this company, you need to walk away thinking they're ultimately trying to have our manufacturing time and you go, yeah, but there's loads of businesses that do that fine.

[00:34:52] There might be loads of businesses and do that. Luckily you've got a ton of other components to your business that will make you more unique, but ultimately, why is someone buying from you? Because I need to have our manufacturing time. I want to use your software to have our manufacturing time. That was number one.

[00:35:10] Get to the point. Number two, take, the customer's viewpoint. And again, this is another classic example. You go out there and you say what we're really good at. Like we build great marketing funnels. The example is our world-class engineering team designed our products to both be usable and flexible again, isn't it interesting that because it's meandering and long, it falls into the world of generic messages.

[00:35:35] The example they then give to counteract dies. It takes 10 minutes tops to learn our product. Now a classic problem with, page builders. Think about someone that you would want to buy, right? Page builders and marketing funnel, softwares, and funnel, SAS platforms and all this kind of stuff. They'll constantly say, like we've got a world-class series of developers that have created the most cutting edge.

[00:36:02]page building technology in the world. Mike, ultimately my main problem with a lot of this stuff is it takes ages to learn it. Someone turns around and says again, from my standpoint, what's my problem with funnel building platforms. So they take ages to learn and set up. They said, Oh, it just takes 10 minutes tops to learn our product.

[00:36:20] That's way more powerful. And that's everything that you want to go out there with everything you want to push out there. I'm not a huge fan of ClickFunnels, but their whole messages. You're just one funnel away. it's bullshit, but that's what people do leave. And again, that's the point, right?

[00:36:36] It's supposed to polarize people. You supposed to fall into one of two camps for one of three, technically, I suppose if you love it, hate it, or if you're apathetic to it, but the message is designed to get you to fall into one of two camps. It takes 10 minutes tops to learn our new products, to learn our.

[00:36:52] Funnel building product. If you go to your customers, is that it takes 10 minutes tops to discover what's wrong with your business or what we can fix within your business. Again, you don't need to cut it down and edit it. Amazing customer's viewpoint. What's their problem. When we uncovered communication, like I hate working with marketing agencies cause they're terrible.

[00:37:14] At marketing communication, you can communicate with us 24 hours a day. Beautiful. Number three, they use familiar language example. Our sales enablement system creates an integrated computing framework for profitable customer interactions. This is actually for CRM business and it's got obscured jargon in it.

[00:37:36] It's technical, it's overly wordy when actual fact when you all stripped away. And this is a great idea. This is a great way by the way of finding out if someone really knows what they're talking about. What is it? You do, there's a guy RSA, but some colleagues of mine have had a conversation with this guy.

[00:37:52] It's okay, so what is it you doing? He's what I do is I enable massive infrastructure level change across multiple community driven enterprises. I'm like, C what do you do? And they ultimately have to say that cause they can't really succinctly answer what it is that you do. Mike, what is it?

[00:38:12] You do? What I do is I help Craig dynamic content driven, information practices that allow marketing agencies and marketers to increase their average market value price, and walk away with more profitable revenue streams. What now I help you sell marketing funnels pretty much. That's what I do. So the example, instead of our say sales enablement system creates an integrated computing framework for profitable customer interactions.

[00:38:40] The example is we help the sales team close more deals, quickly. Awesome. Like this is something I think you need to be working on with your marketing agency. We help you. We help you chase more leads. we help you catch up with more leads. Basically. You'll close more deals. You'll close more sales.

[00:38:58] They're also informal number four. A lot of people try to make them again, sound proper and technical and jargon focused. The example here, our strongest form of communication is behavior. That's consistent with our vision for leadership. This is a classic corporate marketing mistake and you read it.

[00:39:16] You're like I work here and I don't know what that is. Whereas if it's just stripped back what you're actually saying, is there no surprises ever? We're an insurance company. That's what we've come to market with. The message is ultimately no surprises ever. That's our whole thing. Huh? If it was the most comprehensive insurance for the most expensive or uninsurable items on the planet, or is it, I think Lloyd's of London is something like we insure the uninsurable, something along those lines.

[00:39:50] It's a very different message, but that's their message. They're not PR they don't have the priority of no surprises ever. They certainly probably believe it just like Nike. He believes that preparation is important, but actually their core underlying messages do it now, just do it. Number five, they say something original.

[00:40:11] This is tricky. The example they give is our award-winning product set, decreases costs and increases revenue. Again, it's that generic? Like our award-winning agency helps you. I don't know, define your brand and expand your creative horizons. Or if you just look for, even going to Google it now, marketing agencies in my local area.

[00:40:36]here we go. We are driven by results. We are results driven marketing. How often have you heard that? How often have you heard another marketing agency say, we, we generate, we're driven by results. You have fucking, of course you are son. The old saying is. if your, niche wouldn't say the opposite, or if your competitors wouldn't say the opposite, then you shouldn't say it at all.

[00:40:58] Because if you say we're driven by results, that first of all implies that there are marketing agencies out there that say, no, we're not interested in results at all. It's not a strong position. It's what they call an easy question. Like when Dwight gets fired in the office and goes, did I fire a gun in the office?

[00:41:14] Yes. And Joe says to him, stop asking yourself, easy questions in order to look like a genius. If you say we are results driven. I've got loads there. local areas, fastest growing agency. I've got one, two, three in the first page that all claimed to be the fastest growing agency. interestingly, my still my old one is still in here, so I don't know how that's happened.

[00:41:34]here we go. So many of these are so an a simple ideas. Enter the brain and stay quicker. I don't even know what this one is. We continue to help aspirational businesses of all sizes achieve solid results beyond their expectations, through considered collateral and honest approach and a talented blank team who go the extra mile as a creative and marketing agency, helping with services such as branding print, like fine.

[00:42:01] You think you're being specific, you are being the opposite of specific. It's so generic. if there's one thing we know a lot about digital marketing is digital marketing agency. We're able to provide a fantastic digital marketing service to our clients, large and small with your large corporate or small startup, we're able to tailor our approach to suit your needs.

[00:42:19] We've worked with a ride wide variety of clients. Haven't spoken once about who the customers yet. Not once you've mentioned whether they're huge or big corporate or small startup. Personally, if I was a corporate company, I said, you also work with small startups. I don't know how you could serve me as well.

[00:42:37]we're able to alter our service to ensure your needs are met regardless of how unique and personal they are. There's never any risk of us not being able to do the job. Now, interestingly, this company here has got something here. I would put that in. I would say I'd fuck all of that. And I would say digital marketing blank, whatever the name of the business.

[00:42:54] And there's never any risk of us not being able to do the job. No risk, not doing a job. That's the message that they walk. They've got two paragraphs there. One, two, three, four, eight, 10 sentences, 10 lines at each. And the message is right there at right at the end. Fuck everything else. Forget that. What you want to focus on is there's never any risk of us not being able to do the job.

[00:43:17] That's great. So say something original. If you go back to our example, our award-winning product set, decreases costs and increases revenue. The example is. You'll save so much. You'll think you've won the lottery. Hyper-specific all right. Certainly original. And yet you might think, Oh my God, there's no way I could say something like that.

[00:43:36] You need something polarizing. You need something which other people are going to disagree with. Remember? There's no point saying it. If your competitors won't say the opposite. I love that. I love the idea of someone saying there's never any risk of us not being able to do the job. That's great. Cause personally, I want to say actually, yeah, there's a huge risk that I won't be able to do the job for you because I have a very specific client set.

[00:43:59] But if that's your message, that's what you want to walk away with. Just do yourself a favor, Google marketing agencies in your local area and just see how generic and similar. All of them are, and then take a completely random city, right? If you want a random city, choose a Cheltonham in the UK and just Googled marketing agency Cheltonham and then look at theirs and see how many have the exact same, no matter where you are in the world.

[00:44:29] If you're in Cheltonham, then use Exeter. There you go. And just see how many of them aren't original. How many of them have exactly the same message? So there was one there that's almost there, right? Six. They need no further explanation. This is a classic mistake. And this is probably, I think a lot of marketing businesses and all businesses who think they've got there.

[00:44:54] They think they've got a perfect message, but they actually need more exploration. So the example is where the double juice in your multimedia deck, what the hell does that mean? And. It's double juice. Presumably is a good thing to have. The actual example they give to this is we win way more eyes for your ads.

[00:45:15] We get your ads in front of more eyes. That's actually the message that we walk away from is purely. We want to help you get more eyes on your ads. That's it. That's our specialist area. That's what we want to do. Not where the double juice in your multimedia deck. The mistake a lot of businesses make is they say stuff like if falls into generic, like we're rocket fuel for your advertising.

[00:45:42] I don't know what you specifically mean by that. Or they'll use a jargon that only the owner knows and the owner thinks it's really clever. That's really common. I see that a lot when the owner is like a really keen golfer. And they'll say, Oh, we turn, we turn all marketing campaigns into Eagles and Eagle is a specific scoring golf.

[00:46:05]Everyone knows what a birdie is, which is in fact, no, you don't. I know what a birdie is. Right? You might not even know what par is. That's the point, right? Is it loads of language and jargon, but the owner is like, no, it's our way of being kooky and unique. It doesn't make any fucking sense.

[00:46:20]unless you are advertising to golfers, it doesn't make any sense. So yeah, keep it, to the point where people understand when they walk away that I have to ask anymore. And number seven, they make you smile fine. The bad example here, our systems achieve the highest quality industry standards.

[00:46:38] Great. The better example is it's rocket science mean brain surgery, but it's easy to use. So it's rocket science meets brain surgery, but easy to use personally, I don't particularly love that one. I think if I was going to have something that makes you smile, I actually there's never any risk of us not being able to do the job, no surprises ever.

[00:46:57]By people trying to be funny and stuff, whatever. So there's six there that are really strong. In my opinion, I'll link that below. It's called the seven components of a brilliant marketing message. I actually really liked this article. and that's ultimately what I wanted to talk about. I'm going to give you a few examples if you're a funnel builder.

[00:47:13] Sure. A funnel builder. So you build email marketing or websites or landing pages or squeeze pages. Don't focus on that. What is the customer wants? So we help you the customer and then blank your blank. Here's some examples. If you set up a webinar system and a webinar funnel that allowed people to sell continuously 24 hours a day, it allows you to stop work at 3:00 PM, but keep selling 24 seven.

[00:47:38] So we help you stop working at 3:00 PM, but keep selling 24 24 hours a day, 24 seven. Huge difference there. Spend less time editing videos and more time making them. Maybe your particular marketing funnel agency is really good at video marketing and video messaging. And that's what you want to focus on.

[00:48:00] A really simple one, hit 10 X, the number of people who want to buy from you. That's the message is what you're going to 10 X, the number of people who want to buy from you guys, I'd love to hear some of your message. Examples. Again, think about the underlying moral walk away. What's the moral story behind it.

[00:48:20] When people tell you the story of the boy who cried Wolf. What's the moral of that story. The moral of that story by the way, is don't tell the same light twice. If not don't lie, it's, don't get caught lying. so yeah, what's the underlying, moral story that people want to walk away with from your business.

[00:48:36] What do you want to be known for massively? Appreciate you spending the last what's that 15 minutes an hour. With me on the call, I had to sell your service to get all of the episodes, help me out and share this podcast. It really helps. And it will give it a review as well. Makes it a massive difference in massively helps the businesses and helps the podcast as well.

[00:48:57] And just begin to reach more people. And yeah, if you think this was useful, just share it on a social media is put on Twitter, put it on Facebook and say, look, this guy knows occasionally what he's talking about. You're pretty lousy at film reviews. But, knows what he's talking about when it comes to simple market messaging, massively appreciated guys, shoot me an email.

[00:49:14] Michael is cellular And the meantime I will see you on the next episode, have courage commit and take action.


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