In this video, I'm going to show you what you need to think about in order to get a VA or a virtual assistant to sell your marketing funnel services for you.


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Cliff Notes:
* if you can't sell marketing funnels - why will someone else?
    * if you don’t want to sell marketing funnels because you’re afraid of selling
        * difficult to train someone to swim when you’re afraid of water
        * if you can’t do something, you can’t train someone
        * so you’ll have to hire experienced people
    * you don’t want to sell marketing funnels because you don’t have the time (bigger picture)
        * good position to be in
        * still requires lots of training to the sales team
        * can’t micro-manage, manage based on results
    * you don’t want to sell marketing funnels because you don’t know how to (skills)
        * no one cares about your customers and your business more than you
        * having said that, there are sales specialists who like to sell and be rewarded
* what section of the sales process are they covering?
    * prospecting
    * list building
    * lead generation
    * qualification
    * appointment booking
    * discovery/deep dives
    * consultation
    * sales and selling
    * proposal writing
    * proposal closing
    * follow up
    * account management
* lots and lots and lots of training
    * training on what you sell
    * who you target
    * you might have to let go of your ideas of “how to do it”
    * sales training
        * closes, objections
        * qualification
        * systems
        * processes
        * information and permission
* measure what their results are
    * appointments
    * leads
    * proposals
    * sales
    * upsells
* pay well and pay often
    * if someone brings in a $25,000 customer, what are you willing to give?
    * might need to increase prices


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