Could you hire a VA to do your marketing for you? It's a question I'm often asked and in this episode, I'm going to talk about how you can hire a VA to do your marketing for you and potentially even building your marketing funnels for you.

I want to talk about relinquishing control and gaining trust from people because it's a lot of responsibility to put on someone's shoulders and how to hire people to do your marketing for you that I've learned the hard way.

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Cliff Notes:
* Could a brand new hire build an entire funnel from scratch? Probably not
    * Unless you’re willing to pay big bucks
    * Take time to train people up
    * “What if they leave me?”
    * Most people won’t - some will, that’s life
* These things take time
    * Invest in their skills like you do yours
    * pay for courses and training
    * allow them to spend their time on training
    * Be clear with your expectations
* Divide projects into tasks
    * Most employers and managers have ZERO job roles written out
    * What exactly - specifically - do you want them to do?
        * Setting up hosting for new customers
        * getting account details added to Xero
        * collecting questions, emails and comms from customers and responding
        * installing themes, plugins and tech stacks
        * collecting passwords and logins
        * updating clients on where their project is
        * creating pages, posts and sourcing images
        * writing processes and documentation
    * Define OUTCOMES before you define “how to”
    * Some people do things differently, but be willing to give feedback and define outcomes
    * Start and keep a “stop list” of things that you don’t want to do any more
* Don't expect too much too fast but expect a lot in return
    * Don’t underestimate what people are capable of
    * Too many businesses expect staff to run before they can walk
* Story about corporate digital marketing hire
    * had no idea what to do with me
    * no “use” for my skills
    * I was told I wasn’t right for the company
    * You as the employer don’t have to manage and know everything

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